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« on: March 26, 2020, 10:19:59 PM »
Welcome to the Family!  P2P is a free for use site, all that is required is to have fun and respect other family members.  P2P has both public and private non public or Premium Member Only forum boards.  Feel free to discuss and post most any sort of adult content that fits your fancy.  Do not post any content that would be illegal to post such as child porn, child or adult trafficking, illegal drug or drug trafficking, human smuggling, you get the drift. 

P2P goal is to provide a lazy relaxed setting for discussions and education in the world of debauchery. We only ask and our #1 Rule is... what is discussed on P2P stays on P2P...loose lips sinks ships. Use good judgement when talking about this site with non member folks.
As a new P2P member you are restricted to the Public only boards and forums that are visible to you now.  To have full participation on this site you must be a Premium Member. There is no charge to become Premium. Simply post a request to be vouched and wait for two Premium Members who will vouch for you.  This is not going to change.

Keep in mind participation is key, forum discussions attracts more members which increases business and fun ...if a member is not participating within 90 days then they really have no need to be in the group or on the site and they will be restricted to public boards only.  Don't be a Looky Loo or Lurker...

Finally, it is our hope to bring back the Gatherings, Pool Parties and Mixers we once enjoyed so much! We miss them! This can happen if members tell others about P2P!

Changes are happening here for the better. 
We love our community.
Let's come together and make this a safe, fun site to be on the way it used to be. 

Thank you
~ :-*
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