Author Topic: "Setting some basic expectations"  (Read 1948 times)

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"Setting some basic expectations"
« on: April 12, 2020, 06:45:23 PM »
Notes from the other side! LOL! RedBook by: Amy
If you are going to see a provider there are some basic expectations that you should strive to fulfill.

1) Since you are here on RB, do your research before you call. Do not attempt to get the provider to discuss sex for money or any other illegal acts. If you truly do not feel that you have enough details after looking at someone's reviews about the activities they allow and pricing, look for someone else's reviews.

2) When you talk on the phone, you should be respectful of her privacy and not push to make her discuss things that she declines to answer or discuss. If you feel that you have not received satisfactory information, don't book with her.

3) If you are new to the hobby, try some of the better reviewed providers out there to get your feet wet. You can worry about ROB's less, you can trust them to provide quality service without needing guidance and you will learn how to go about the business of hiring a prostitute. Then if you feel the need, branch out into lesser-knowns once you gotten all the hayseed outof yer britches...

4) There are rip offs out there and honest providers are sympathetic, but if the reviews indicate they are reputable, trust them and act accordingly. When you treat a well-respected provider like she is untrustworthy, you will get poorer quality service if you get anything at all.

5) Respect the hoops you need to jump through the first time you see someone. They are there for her and your protection and if she asks too much for your comfort level, see someone else, don't argue. There are standards that women use, such as confirmation calls and emails before location information is given and calling from a local public phone before being given an actual street address. If you are concerned that someone is making you do too much, ask on the board. You'll be suprised what is common and considered reasonable. Don't do what you are not comfortable doing, don't show id or give out work information if you don't want to. But don't try to persuade women who require those things to bend the rules just for you.

6) Be prompt or call and let her know you are going to be late. If you are late, don't expect the full length of time and discuss your time and price expectations before you start a session late to avoid confusion and conflict after.

7) If you meet with someone and they have misrepresented themselves in some way, it's really ok to just leave. If you meet with someone who has not misrepresented themselves but it not of interest to you, be polite and offer a cancelation fee. (And just in case, $5 is an insult to a $300/hr provider.)

8) Be prepared to shower when you meet your provider. Wash everything with soap, even if you just did it an hour ago. This includes the crack of your ass. And don't go to the bathroom AFTER you shower. Do it before. Use mouthwash if it's available, bring mints just in case. Don't eat onions for lunch then expect kisses, even if her review says she kisses!

9) Be aware of what you are "buying". If you go to a massage provider, expect a backrub (even if it's lame). If she says she doesn't do FS, then she doesn't. Don't even go there. If she reviews as non-GFE, don't get upset if she is cool and oriented towards acts not chat. Don't push people to be what they are clearly advertising NOT to be.

10) Even if a review says someone got something bareback, unless she commits to it, assume it will be covered. Not saying the reviews are inaccurate (although some are) but rather that BB is a personal decision that includes how well she knows the client, chemistry and hygene. Always always always, YMMV.

11) Put the money in an acessable area (bedside table for instance) before she has to ask. Again, treat her like you know from her reviews that she is reputable.

12) Enjoy yourself and let go of most of your expectations. You can have a mind-blowing experience that never gets to intercourse and you can have a boring session that gives you every act in the porn film manual. If you are oriented around the acts you may very well miss the experience.

13) Don't try to negotiate special services from someone you just met or just hopped in bed with. Don't hint for something extra in the middle of the session if you don't want to talk money when you've got a hard on. And don't resent her for asking, she didn't resent you for asking...The best route is to ask for your special interests after you have seen her once and she can discuss it openly with you without fear and without it interrupting an enjoyable moment.

14) Say thanks. You wanted her to smile and say thanks when you gave her the money. She wants the same courtesies.

15) Be honest in your reviews and keep it in perspective. If she was disgusting and smelly and ugly then why did you go through with it? And don't ad lib to make yourself look like a romeo. Most guys are pretty simple in their tastes and don't have the stamina of a don't need to in your reviews either.



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Re: "Setting some basic expectations"
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2020, 08:56:49 PM »
Good rules to live by. But as for rule #1 some girls nowadays don't put there rates in there listings. Some want you  to call or text for those.  But they also want you be screened before you do.

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Re: "Setting some basic expectations"
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2020, 11:17:23 AM »
There's at least one otherwise pretty decent ad site that does not include rates (a very few providers put them in the bio section).  Hope this isn't a trend.  The admins of that site have been told of the problem but brushed it off. 
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