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Laser Reviews How To Post
« on: April 08, 2020, 08:46:21 PM »
Laser Reviews can be Good or Bad Review. Just be fair and be honest is all we ask.

Start your topic with the provider's name and contact information. 

Tells a brief summary as to what happened!

You should attach a provider photo or her ad.

Score the provider with L = Looks 1-10 ... A = Attitude 1-10 ... S = Service 1-10 ... Experience = 1-10 and R = Repeat Yes or No.

**Please don't be a Lapdog and embellish your scoring. Be objective and fair!  If your LASER appears to be Lapdog it could be deleted.  If you score Looks, Attitude, Experience, Service 9 or 10 your summary of what happened must support the scores and be in agreement.  An average provider looks score a 6-7, most providers know they are not a 10 in looks and body .  Attitude, Experience and Service could be 9 or sometimes a 10 depending on how long the provider has been working.  A newbie I would not expect 9s or 10s because they are new have not had enough time to earn their stripes. We want you to write a review that others will find helpful not a review to please the provider.  Providers are allowed to respond to reviews. However a provider can not delete a review.

Attitude is how she talks to you and relates to you.  Is she having fun or really is not into it?  Is she being sweet and nice or a Bitch?

Service.  Where you happy with the service and how she provided the service to you?

Experience is how good she is at what she does.

Repeat Yes or No Would you see this provider again.

Provider Flaked, Blew you off, Did not show up, Wasted your time.  Write a review as to what happened.  In order to write a bad review of provider you did not see you must have had a confirmed appointment for a specific time and day set up with conformation of the appointment within 2 hours of the appointment.  If you did not confirm prior to the appointment within a reasonable amount of time  then that is your fault for not staying touch.  Some provider do forget.  If text an hour before and no reply then I will try again and if no reply I move on.