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Posting Guidelines
« on: April 01, 2020, 06:42:30 PM »
■ Posting Guidelines From MRB are in effect.
■ Forums are intended for productive discussions about adult entertainment.
■ Please help us keep the site positive by observing the following guidelines:

1. Do not post detailed, or explicit reviews. Mini reviews or LASER are acceptable.

2. No SPAM, or cheesy advertising. Providers: Put your services, rates, photos or external links in the Personals NOT IN DISCUSSION BOARDS and no trolling allowed in lounges.

3. Do not post redundant messages to multiple forums. Everyone has visibility of all threads. Just post to the most appropriate one. Redundant posts are subject to removal.

4. Flames, personal attacks, slurs, threats, hate, inappropriate content and whiny complaints are subject to removal. Exception is Political Battle Ground.
    a. Posting of supposed real names, addresses or phone numbers of private individuals will be removed and you will be banned from this site.
    b. Posts which incite drama, whines about P2P / admins / moderators / P2P members, off topic replies, or threads that have run amuck will be removed.
   c .Do not post private inboxes, email, text messages, or voicemail without permission from the sender. Keep your private interactions private.

■ While newspapers are public, the link between MPB username and real name is not public. If you post a link to an article having a real name that includes a handle directly or indirectly via hints, wise ass remarks or inbox me for details, etc; that is a posting violation.

5. We believe in Freedom of Speech to a point. Posts may be deleted or locked at the sole discretion of moderators and administrators. Do not post:
     a.  Child Porn.
     b.  Discussions about child trafficking.
     c.  Any type of Ad that would involve a minor under the age of 18
     d.  Ads concerning illegal drugs, weapons, human sex trafficking, etc.

6. Message threads are automatically locked when they hit 50 replies (total of visible and deleted) and/or manually locked when discussion is not productive. This is to keep the thread size reasonable. The Adult Personals are locked after 1 post as they are not discussion forums.

7. Innocent replies to deleted messages are usually removed to prevent "dangling" threads.

8. Posts claiming that someone else has (or may have given you) an STD or uses illegal drugs or has committed a felony are not permitted unless you have positive documentation (test results, photographic proof, self confession).

9. If you see any message which violates any of these posting guidelines, ALERT US IMMEDIATELY

10. One or more violations of posting guidelines may result in the deletion of your username, permanent banning from the site or loss of posting privileges.

11. Multiple usernames used by one person may be deleted at the administrator's discretion for:
    a. posting with a handle and alias handle in the same thread to deceptively simulate support for your position.
    b. creating handles that mimic another user's existing handle.

12. Miscellaneous offenses that may result in full or partial banning or username deletion.
    a. Repetitive guideline violations and/or disruptive posting as evidenced by multiple valid alerts.
    b. EXCESSIVE reports/complaints on topics that are not personal attacks directly towards you
    c. Harrassing a poster with repetitive commentary, accusations, or wise-ass remarks - does not matter if you have "proof" that your comments are true, take your drama offline.
    d. If you post ads for a provider, or are "friends" with them, receive discounts, or any special treatment not afforded to regular off the street customers... Do not post about them (411, mini review, wow look at pictures) unless you add a disclaimer to your post that discloses this relationship.
Example: This girl is the best thing since sliced bread, and I love the PO. (Disclaimer: I receive discounts from this AAMP.)
    e. Excessive off-topic or whiny posts, even though they may not violate any specific guideline. Whine to your parents, your kids, or your neighbors.

■  If you are NEW to this board and/or looking for Dating terms/abbreviations, please visit the CLUELESS forum first.

For further assistance:
1. inbox an admin
2. post in the Clueless forum

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.
■■ Revisions to this will be made if need be ■■
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