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Please Read
« on: September 30, 2018, 11:43:22 PM »
I view these forums much like twitter or facebook. Try to go by the following principle: If you have to think about what you wrote, then don't post it.

The boards are for adult conversation discussions topics.  Think of yourself as out in public around a table with friends.

Discussions are not for legal advice, bragging about your exploits, medical advice, books, or posting cell phone pics. There are forums specifically for those elsewhere. If a thread gets started that I think has gone too far off-topic, I will move it.

I will not have this place turn into a porn site or trash dump. The topics are to be mostly light-hearted banter, with some latitude towards debate and opinion regarding the appropriate topics.

There are a few things that will get your post/thread deleted immediately:
1) Words or phrases with racial overtones or racial slurs.
2) Cuss Words
3) Threads that become personal in nature.  Personal attacks on other members. This usually means that #2 above has been violated as well.
4) Posting inappropriate photos, nudes, genitalia etc.
5) Post that solicit sexual services.

Personal flame wars will be removed immediately, and warnings sent to each user involved. If you respond to insults and engage in words that continue the flames, you are equally responsible, IMHO, as the user who started it. Just don't.

Keep cuss words to a minimum, and use them in as light-hearted a manner as possible. For those who need examples:
Acceptable: "I can't fucking believe that he fucking struck out with the bases fucking loaded."
UNacceptable: "get off your high horse, you fucking loser!"
If the cuss words gets used in reference to another user, the post may get deleted based on the severity of the insult. It just depends if the cuss words are being used in jest.

No gambling, I would prefer that "wagers" or "wagering" not get posted or discussed... no one is interested in how much you won or lost betting on games, or otherwise, at the casino or sports book. And no wagering with each other on the forum. Keep that private and offline....better yet just don't do it please.

I'll interpret the rules my way and slack will be given based on the topic and/or possible controversial nature of what's being discussed. I accept that people will have different opinions and will allow a certain level of "back and forth" between two or more people so long as it stays in good taste and doesn't get personal or devolve into bickering.

I read and participate in this forum regularly, and will monitor what I can. So perhaps unlike some other mods, I'm lurking... always. So be on your toes and keep it light. I cannot, however, read all the threads or monitor everything. And this is where you come in. If something is offensive to you, or you have a question, hit the ALERT link on the post in question and fill out the "reason" section. You may also inbox me at any time with a link or offense that you think I need to look at. I'll try to respond to everyone, but can't guarantee personal response all the time. I will take action, or not, accordingly, and my decision is FINAL. If you don't agree with me, do not engage me in debate via inbox or the forum.

Do not ALERT or inbox me just because you don't like someone, or you think their posts are stupid. I'm not going to referee personal feuds. And so long as someone is not blatantly violating the rules, I'm not going to delete a post just because you don't like it. As with flames or insults... just IGNORE the posts you don't like... and don't inflame them by responding.

I did preserve this from the old rules: The best way to improve and maintain the quality of discussion boards is not enforcement by the moderator, but rather through voluntary compliance by the contributors to the forum. We ask your cooperation, and we ask everybody who participates in board discussion to take personal responsibility for staying well within the letter and spirit of the rules.

Those who continuously violate the rules of good decorum will be warned privately. If it continues, you will be banned for a designated period of time. Those who, after being banned and coming back, violate again could face permanent termination from the hall and perhaps all forums.

Have fun!!

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